Doom – Re-Viled | 2Lp

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Black vinyl edition in gatefold sleeve with lyrics. Comes in white paper inner sleeves.

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Artikkelnummer: 2131
Leverandør: Radiation Reissues
Label -Radiation Reissues
Format  -2 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Reissue, Remastered, Stereo
Released -2022
Style -Hardcore, Punk, Crust
Country -Us


A1 Confusion3:58
A2 Lifelock1:33
A3 Slave To Convention0:54
A4 After The Bomb1:28
A5 Multinationals1:54
A6 Circles0:42
A7 War Crimes2:04
A8 Relief1:14
A9 Sold Out1:55
B1 No Thought2:43
B2 Free Yourself2:15
B3 Police Bastard1:31
B4 War On Our Doorstep1:14
B5 Obscenity1:24
B6 Sick Joke2:34
B7 Exploitation1:48
B8 Phobia For Change2:00
B9 A Dream To Come True1:07
B10 Relief (Part 2)1:12
C1 Beat The Boss1:31
C2 Agree To Differ4:23
C3 Life In Freedom, Governed By Love0:27
C4 No Religion2:01
C5 Same Mind1:52
C6 Drowning In The Mainstream1:58
C7 Natural Abuse1:42
C8 Scared2:18
C9 Bury The Debt (Not The Dead)1:25
D1 Money Drug1:33
D2 Fear Of The Future2:00
D3 Nazi Die2:05
D4 Diseased1:11
D5 Days Go By2:07
D6 Stop Gap System1:34
D7 Black Monday1:38
D8 Means To An End4:44
D9 Bastard File In The Urethra Of Paul Halmshaw2:24