Luke Elliot - The Big Wind (VINYL - White) Lp

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Artikkelnummer: 624
Leverandør: Border
Label   -
Format   -Vinyl, LP, ,White
Utgitt    -2020
Land   -Us/Norway
Sjanger   - Songwriter



Singer-songwriter Luke Elliot has since the release of his debut album become known for his mesmerizing live performances, solid songwriting skills and his beautifully, classy and down to earth songs. The melancholic piano-rocker is often put in comparison to big names like Jerry Lee Lewis, Tom Waits and Bod Dylan – and with good reason. The debut album “Dressed for the Occasion” blew our minds, and on May 8th we finally see the release of the second album “The Big Wind”!
Some people chase storms, marvelling at the sheer awesomeness of nature’s transformative power. Others weather storms and come out a bit banged up but wiser. Recently, singer-songwriter Luke Elliot found himself pursuing a storm-chaser jones, studying Ireland’s infamously devastating 1839 windstorm which has been immortalized in poetry and prose as “The Night Of The Big Wind.” Simultaneous to this, Luke found himself embroiled in a maelstrom of personal and professional activity. His evocatively titled sophomore album “The Big Wind” is a barometer of these turbulent times.

Luke has garnered favourable comparisons to roots, folk and rock icons such as Hank Williams, Big Joe Turner, Bob Dylan, Jerry Lee Lewis, Tom Waits, Elmore James, PJ Harvey and Nick Cave. His cinematic musicality is both elegant and earthy, offering forth bold emotionality, poetic lyrics, haunting epic tales, and a voice that exudes a richly patinaed vulnerability.

The previous album and debut “Dressed for the Occasion” took the artist from New Jersey and out in the world, with especially great success in Norway and Sweden. A lot has happened since then; Luke Elliot has toured extensively in the U.S. and Europe. The Norwegian press praised the newcomer with highly scored reviews and headlines like “An instant classic” (6/6) and “A must-have album!” from the biggest newspapers in the country. He was a guest on the national talk show Lindmo, several of his singles were listed on national radio, he had a collab with the Swedish clothing designer brand Oscar Jacobson, toured with Madrudaga in Europe and supported Bjørn Eidsvåg at Oslo Spektrum. The first single from the coming album “Somebody’s Man”, a duet with Sivert Høyem, was listed on the biggest Norwegian radio channel NRK P1 for 17 weeks.

“The Big Wind” is a boldly textured and instantly immersive album that recalls the film noir-ish touch of Tom Waits and Nick Cave. The production, in addition to being filmic, is also sleekly modern. The 10-track album opens with single “All On Board”. The song’s gorgeously moody orchestral sensibility and adventurous musicality set the tone for the album, sending the message this is a different animal than its predecessor.

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