J Tex & The Voluteers - Old Ways vs New Days Lp

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sounds of blues and country music.

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Artikkelnummer: 328
Label /Label nr -Heptown
Format  -Lp
Utgitt/Repress -
Land -Denmark
Sjanger -Americana, country, songwriter


1. This Old Banjo
2. Chocolate Jesus
3. As Wide As The Moon
4. Treading Water
5. This Old Blues

1. Night Train
2. Ship Coming In
3. April Fools Day
4. Clear Sky
5. Swedish Winter

With his trusty banjo and guitar in hand J Tex often makes the journey across the sea between Denmark and Sweden, bringing with him his crafted americana sounds of blues and country music.
This is the fifth album from one of Denmarks most interesting and coolest artists, the album takes the listener on a heart felt and charming journey through a ever changing soundscape of violins, bass clarinet, vocals and of course his brilliant guitar and banjo work.
The album focuses on J Tex´s vast experiences, but at the same time opening up his curiosity to new musical ideas, this is the main theme to ´Old Ways vs New Days´.It has taken many trips across the sea to record the album, from his home in Copenhagen to the Heptown family studio in Lund, Sweden. Here J Tex and his fellow musicians The Volunteers recorded the new album, together with the very skillful sound engineer Carl Granberg. Experimenting with new sound ideas and new instrumentation techniques, often creating an almost cinematic sound score.
The final result is ten finely crafted songs, recorded together with guest musician Bebe Risenfors (who played with Tom Waits), and of course the Volunteers, Tue Lund Christensen on bass and Jason Bedard on drums.
J Tex was born in Detroit and raised in Denmark, he feels quite at home in both in the United States, where he has many musical collaborators, and in Copenhagen, where he lives today.
He is very much part of the Southern Swedish rock´n´roll scene, where a love of music, vintage American cars, old motorcycles, vintage clothing and the shine of well greased hair is very much a way of life.
The best of USA, Denmark and Sweden come together on this, the coolest album release this winter!