Jackson Scribner - Jackson Scribner Lp

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Artikkelnummer: 1585
Label - 
Format  -Lp
Released -2021
Style -Acoustic, Rock & Roll, Country Rock, Country
Country -Us


“Expertly straddling that line between folk-rock and
country, Scribner’s timeless voice comes through the
speakers not as a new artist but rather a well-traveled
troubadour. Bathed in the same grit and soul of guys
like Steve Earle before him, Jackson Scribner is his own
entity. Authentic, raw, honest, pure. Just like where
he’s from.”
-American Songwriter

1.Family Gatherings 05:11
2.Sixteen 03:18
3.I Don’t Think About It 02:48
4.3 AM. 03:37
5.Take Me To Your Water 03:24
6.Front Porch Rain 05:13
7.County Road 497 03:14
8.Ain’t It Something 04:58