The Manikins - Swedish Woods LP (LTD Solid Orange Vinyl)

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Ltd vinyl farget, 300 eks

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Artikkelnummer: 3716

Varenummer - LLY069LP-ORA
Produsent - Lövely Records
Genre -  Punk, Garage
Produkttype - Vinyl, ltd

01- Can´t give you up
02 - Rosita
03 - Zombie
04 - By My Side
05 - Too cool for the modern world
06 - Swedish woods
07 - In my head
08 - Diamond rings
09 - My last time
10 - I need to tell you
11 - Ladder and a rope
12 - Set the world on fire

The garage punkrock lieutenants of Sweden are back with a bang! Formed in 1999, this high energy garage punk outfit is known for their intense live shows, which have taken them all over Europe and even USA. Now they’re back with their sixth album, 12 brand new tracks, 100% made for volume levels cranked to the max. It’s hard hitting, raw, trashy, primitive yet with a twist of finesse that makes you wanna hear it over and over again. This album is sure to keep your feet moving and bring garage rock to the masses. For fans of garage rock of both yesterday and today, Buzzcocks, The Hives, The Nomads, The Marked Men, The Kidnappers, The Devil Dogs.