Tyler Keith & The Apostles – Hell To Pay | LP

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Artikkelnummer: 2377
Label -Black & Wyatt Records
Format  -Vinyl, LP
Released -2023
Style -Garage, punk, country
Country -Us

You may or may not know the name Tyler Keith in some fashion. Perhaps you recognize him from his time as a member of legendary Mississippi garage punks the Neckbones, or maybe it’s from his work with rock and roll devotees Preacher’s Kids, or the gritty country-punk of the Apostles, or even the ramshackle roots-rock of Teardrop City. Either way, you should know the name, as Keith has been releasing fine music for 25 years now.

A1 - Castaway
A2 - Hell To Pay
A3 - Ghost Writer
A4 - Servant Class
A5 - Nothing Left
B1 - Coming Apart
B2 - Spellbound
B3 - You Missed Your Train
B4 - Edge of the City
B5 - Kill My Time
B6 - Future Fix

Listen : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZtP6qAfV5M