Negatives, The - At the end of the rope Cd

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Street punk from sweden

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Artikkelnummer: 329
Label /Label nr - 
Format  -Cd
Utgitt/Repress -
Land -Sweden
Sjanger -Punk


01 Kick It In
02 Our Own Worst Enemies
03 On A Mission
04 Where´s The Unity?
05 Smiling Faces
06 It Still Spins
07 Under Pressure
08 This Is Not My War
09 Fields Of Germany
10 At The End
11 Shitface
12 The Captain
13 So Spoiled
14 (A Real Good) Freak Show

The Negatives are Punk Rock directly from the heart. Their inspiration comes from good old-fashioned Punkrock, never forgetting their roots. These Punks worship old fashioned Punk and Rock bands and blending it with great lyrics that show clearly that they care and have fully understood what punkrock has always been about: addressing issues such as anarchism, animal rights anti-war and class war.