Jello Biafra And Mojo Nixon With The Toadliquors – Prairie Home Invasion Lp

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Artikkelnummer: 934
Leverandør: SP
Label -Alternative Tentacles ‎– VIRUS 137
Format  -Lp
Released -2019
Style -Country Rock, Punk
Country -Us


A1 Buy My Snake Oil
A2 Where Are We Gonna Work (When The Trees Are Gone?)
A3 Convoy In The Sky
A4 Atomic Power
A5 Are You Drinkin' With Me Jesus
A6 Love Me, I'm A Liberal
B1 Burgers Of Wrath
B2 Nostalgia For An Age That Never Existed
B3 Hamlet Chicken Plant Disaster
B4 Mascot Mania
B5 Let's Go Burn Old Nashville Down
B6 Will The Fetus Be Aborted