Discharge – Protest And Survive: The Anthology | 2 Lp

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Artikkelnummer: 3494
Label -Sanctuary - 4050538548358
Format  -Vinyl,2lp, splatter
Released -2020
Style -punk
Country -Uk


A1The Blood Runs Red
A2Fight Back
A3Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing
A4The Nightmare Continues
A5A Look At Tomorrow
A6The End
A7A Hell On Earth
A8Cries Of Help
A9Protest And Survive
A10Hype Overload
B1Never Again
B2Ain't No Feeble Bastard
B3State Violence/State Control
B4Realities Of War
B6Accessories By Molotov
B7You Deserve Me
B8Hell Is War
B9War's No Fairytale
B10You Take Part In Creating The System
B11The Possibility Of Life's Destruction
C1It's No TV Sketch
C2But After The Gig
C3City Of Fear
C4Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
C5Psycho Active
C6Exiled In Hell
C7The Price Of Silence
D1Hell Is War (2004 Version)
D2The More I See (2004 Version)
D3I Don't Care (1977 Demo)
D4I Love Dead Babies (1977 Demo)
D5Trust 'Em You Can't Trust 'Em (2002 Demo)
D6Descending Into Madness (2002 Demo)
D7M.A.D. (2002 Demo)
D8Ignorance (Extended Version)
D9Tomorrow Belongs To Us