Jesse Malin - Chasing The Light (LP)

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(Slippes 21.06.2024)

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Artikkelnummer: 4086

Varenummer - WKC938831

Produsent - Wicked Cool Records

Genre - Rock

Produkttype - Vinyl, LP + Blu-ray

Chasing The Light is the latest album by Jesse Malin, released by Wicked Cool Records. This special edition includes a Blu Ray of a live performance, offering fans a unique and immersive experience.Jesse Malin, known for his heartfelt lyrics and raw energy, delivers another powerful collection of songs in Chasing The Light. With his distinctive voice and introspective songwriting, Malin takes listeners on a journey through themes of love, loss, and redemption.The live performance captured on the included Blu Ray showcases Malin's dynamic stage presence and his ability to connect with audiences. From intimate acoustic moments to high-energy rock anthems, this concert experience brings the music of Chasing The Light to life in a whole new way.Wicked Cool Records has curated a top-notch production for this album release, ensuring that fans not only enjoy the music but also have access to high-quality visuals that complement the sonic experience. Chasing The Light is a must-have for any Jesse Malin enthusiast or collector looking to expand their music library with an exceptional live recording.