Old 97's - Fight Songs | 3 Lp

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Numbered, Limited Edition Deluxe 180g Vinyl 3LP! First Worldwide Release On Vinyl! Original Album + Brand New 2021 Remix by Vance Powell! Includes Bonus LP Of P

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Artikkelnummer: 1679
Label -ATO Records ‎–
Format  -3 Lp
Released -2021
Style -Cowpunk
Country -Us

Their fourth studio album was recorded at Kingsway in New Orleans and released on April 27, 1999. The album is more-slick and pop-oriented than their previous efforts. For the release of this deluxe worldwide debut on vinyl, ROG had six-time Grammy® award-winning producer and engineer, Vance Powell, remix the 12-track album as the band originally intended; stripping off the slick 1990s-style production and sheen that helped the album get on the radio in 1999.

LP 1
01. Jagged
02. Lonely Holiday
03. Oppenheimer
04. Indefinitely
05. What We Talk About
06. Crash On The Barrelhead
07. Murder (Or A Heart Attack)
08. Alone So Far
09. Busted Afternoon
10. Nineteen
11. Let The Idiot Speak
12. Valentine

LP 2
01. Jagged (Vance Powell Remix)
02. Lonely Holiday (Vance Powell Remix)
03. Oppenheimer (Vance Powell Remix)
04. Indefinitely (Vance Powell Remix)
05. What We Talk About (Vance Powell Remix)
06. Crash On The Barrelhead (Vance Powell Remix)
07. Murder (Or A Heart Attack) [Vance Powell Remix]
08. Alone So Far (Vance Powell Remix)
09. Busted Afternoon (Vance Powell Remix)
10. Nineteen (Vance Powell Remix)
11. Let The Idiot Speak (Vance Powell Remix)
12. Valentine (Vance Powell Remix)

LP 3
01. Lonely Holiday
02. Oppenheimer
03. What We Talk About
04. Jagged
05. Weightless
06. Indefinitely
07. Singular Girl
08. Busted Afternoon
09. Nineteen
10. Alone So Far