Chats, The - High Risk Behaviour LP

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Artikkelnummer: 363
Leverandør: Border
Label -Bargain Bin Records
Format  -Lp
Released -2020
Style -Punk, Garage, rock
Country -Aussie

The Chats are a pub-punk shed-rock band from Queensland,
Australia. They began playing together in high school, releasing
their debut self titled EP a month away from graduating in 2016.
Triple J described the EP as “seven joyous sky-punching tracks that
combined 60s garage punk and 70s new wave punk”
About nine months out of high school, The Chats went back into
the studio to record their follow up EP, “Get This In Ya”. The second
EP sat online for half a year until the band had a viral hit with the
music video for their song “Smoko”, which racked in millions of
views on Youtube in a couple of days, quickly becoming a viral hit
and drawing attention from popular rock musicians Josh Homme,
Iggy Pop, and Dave Grohl.
Since then, The Chats have become notorious for their loud and
chaotic live shows and their zero fucks attitude. The Chats have sold
out shows in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Europe.
With a debut album in the works, as well as national and
international tours, The Chats aren’t showing any signs of slowing
down soon.
The Chats have coined the term “shed rock” to describe their
sound. Their self-contained approach has been likened to that of
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard. They have cited Australian bands
Cosmic Psychos, Dune Rats and Eddy Current Suppression Ring as
major influences
The band takes its name from the phrase “that’s chat” - (Australian
slang to describe something terrible) and Sydney suburb of
1. Stinker 2. Drunk N Disorderly 3. The Clap 4. Identity Theft 5. Guns
6. Dine N Dash 7. Keep The Grubs Out 8. Pub Feed 9. Ross River 10.
Heatstroke 11. Billy Backwash’s Day 12. 4573 13. Do What I Want
14. Better Than You