girl in red - if i could make it go quiet (VINYL - Red)

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Artikkelnummer: 1589
Leverandør: border
Label - 
Format  -Lp RØD
Released -2021
Style -Alternative Rock, Indie
Country -Norwegian

Had everything gone according to plan, Marie Ulven -- a.k.a. intimate rock/pop sensation girl in red -- would’ve spent the vast majority of 2020 playing for new crowds, in new venues, and taking in new landscapes as she drove from city to city on tour. But the COVID-19 pandemic upended all of that, and so she found herself grounded, at home in Oslo, and revisiting the familiar skeletons of songs she’d begun to sketch out the year before.

She wrote and demoed 11 songs at home, and soon she was borrowing her father’s car to make the eight-hour trek from the Norwegian capital city to Bergen, a city nestled between majestic fjords in an inlet off the North Sea, to record if i could make it go quiet, her debut album out April 30th, 2021. Consider if i could make it go quiet the musical distillation of Ulven’s solitary conversations on the road: it’s an album brimming with the things we wish we could say to others, but tell ourselves instead.

if i could make it go quiet is girl in red in its purest, elevated form: Ulven has never been braver, and the music follows suit.

01. Serotonin
02. Did You Come?
03. Body And Mind
04. Hornylovesickmess
05. midnight love
06. You Stupid Bitch
07. Rue
08. Apartment 402
09. .
10. I’ll Call You Mine
11. it would feel like this