Danko Jones ‎– Power Trio | Lp

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Danko Jones is a Canadian rock trio from Toronto, Ontario. Formed in 1996.

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Artikkelnummer: 1759
Label - 
Format  -Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition,gold
Released -2021
Style -Hardrock
Country -Canada

"Rock songs are easy to write." Who could know better than Canadian enfant terrible Danko Jones? No sooner said than done! In the midst of the worst pandemic of modern times, the hard rock band around the eloquent eponym releases it's tenth studio album "Power Trio". Nomen est omen. For the pithy title not only sets the marching direction of the eleven songs, it also simultaneously celebrates the 25th anniversary of an uncompromising band that for a quarter of a century has placed as little value on trends and fashions as Motörhead and AC/DC. Danko Jones are also like a registered trademark, style and sound immediately recognizable.


I Want Out
Good Lookin'
Ship Of Lies
Raise Some Hell
Blue Jean Denim Jumpsuit
Get To You
Dangerous Kiss
Let's Rock Together
Dangerous Kiss
Start The Show