Black Sun Brotherhood – God & Beast Cd

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All hail motherfuckers!

Here is a quick status update on the vinyl release of our debut album “God & Beast”. We got the final shipment of vinyl’s on March 4th 2021, and then we set the official release date for the vinyl as 5th of March 2021. We then started shipping out all the pre-orders on Saturday 6th of March. Now, 3 days later less than half of the vinyl’s are left! What the fuck! So that is really cool – these are moving pretty fast! I mean, 150 vinyl’s sold in 3 days is quite a bit or what?

Anyway, we want to thank all of you folks who bought the album from us. Very cool! We really love all you twisted bastards! We hope you really enjoy the hell out of the vinyl version too! Also, big thanks to all the record stores, music distributors and web-shops who ordered copies of the record too. Mad cool for sure! Keep the underground ALIVE!!!

Extra special thanks must go to Stian “Occultus” Johansen, Klaus “Clouseau” Kobberstad and Woody Yundie over at Old House Records. Stian “Occultus” has an incredible network in the global metal underground, and he has helped us spread the album all over the world. We really appreciate that!

Also, here you can see more photos of what the album looks like; the different color versions, the inner sleeve and the biography included. We think it looks friggin dynamite ourselves! Note: ALL vinyl’s are numbered and signed by ALL band members! Very few copies left of the colored versions now, mostly black copies left. If you want to snag yourself a copy, get your shit together and let us know asap! We sell these babies on a “first come – first serve” basis.

Black Sun Brotherhood
God & Beast
Mjølnir Music Norway 
Mjølnir Music Norway  
Mar 6, 2021
Death Metal


1Might Is Right
2Witches' Sabbath
3Vengeance Is Mine
4Black Sun Rising
6Driven By Demons
7Love Is A Demon
8Sol Invictus
9Hymn To Satan
10Great Whore Of Babylon
11Litanies To Satan



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