Coffinshakers, The - The Curse Of The Coffinshakers 1996-2016 | Box

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kommer 2022

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Artikkelnummer: 1783
Label -Svart Records
Format  -vinyl box
Released -2022
Style -Country Rock, Goth Rock, Rockabilly, Garage Rock
Country -Sweden

4LP Box set, thick booklet, black vinyl

Formed in 1995 in Karlstad, Sweden by Rob Coffinshaker, these graveyard country pioneers have been steadily putting out records, most of which have now become highly sought-after collector items. The Coffinshakers successfully merged the imagery of German expressionist cinema with traditional country sounds of Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash, occasionally flirting with Ennio Morricone -style melodies and the 60’s surf-garage sounds of The Ventures. Topped with full-bodied lyrics and Rob Coffinshaker’s haunting, low register voice, this combination gained them a cult following in the late 90’s and 2000’s, and they even creeped up to the Finnish top 40 with their self-titled album in 2007.

Svart Records are proud to announce the official Coffinshakers vinyl reissues, which have been in the works for a couple of years now. These reissues include the full length albums We Are The Undead (1998) and The Coffinshakers (2007), both of which come in repro-sleeves with original artwork. There’s also a deluxe box set edition titled “The Curse of the Coffinshakers 1996-2016”, which includes both albums, 2 bonus LPs (From the Crypt – Rare and Unreleased vol. I and vol. II) and a thick booklet with a lengthy interview and archive material. The bonus LPs are only available in the box set and they include rare compilation tracks, EP releases and a handful of unreleased tunes from Rob Coffinshaker’s personal vaults.


LP 1 – We Are The Undead

A1 We Are The Undead
A2 Black Sunday
A3 Pale Man In Black
A4 You Don’t Know
A5 No Time To Waste
A6 No Rest For The Wicked
A7 You Call It Graveyard (I Call It Home)

B1 Twins Of Evil
B2 Vampires Don’t Cry
B3 The Night Side Of Life
B4 Lust For Blood
B5 At My Mercy
B6 Until The End
B7 Back From The Grave

LP 2 – The Coffinshakers

A1 Phantoms Of The Night
A2 Return Of The Vampire
A3 Last Night Down By The Grave
A4 Necromancy
A5 Evil
A6 Curse Of The Mummy’s Tomb

B1 Walpurgis Night
B2 Voodoo Woman
B3 From Here To Hell
B4 King Of The Night-Time
B5 The Coffinshakers’ Theme
B6 Transylvania

LP3 – From The Crypt: Rare And Unreleased Vol. I

”Dracula Has Risen From the Grave” session 1996

A1 Intro, In This Night
A2 Comin’ to Your Town
A3 Dracula Has Risen From the Grave
A4 Howlin’ at Midnight
A5 The Passion

”We are the Undead” session 1998

A6. Virgin Among the Living Dead
A7. The Blood Nymph
A8. Pale Man in Black (7” version)
A9. Vampire Outlaw

B1 Dark In My Heart 2:31

”Halloween EP” 2000

B2 Halloween
B3 Bloodless
B4 Die, Die, Die

”Dark Wings” session 2001

B5 The Coffinshaker
B6 Everything I Touch Turns to Tears
B7 Bad Dreams, Baby

LP 4 – From The Crypt: Rare And Unreleased Vol. II

”Walpurgisnacht” session 2003

A1 Angel of Death
A2 Return of the Vampire
A3 In the Tombs
A4 Alone & Forsaken
A5 The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb
A6 Walpurgis Night
A7 The Man Who Made an Angel Cry

”The Coffinshakers” session 2007

A8 Blood-Bath
A9 Vampire Blues
A10 Mark of the Vampire

”The Night of the Dead” session 2011

B1 Mark of the Vampire
B2 The Night of the Dead
B3 A Devil in Love

”Trick or Treat” session 2016

B4 Trick or Treat
B5 Holiday in Black
B6 Call Me Misery
B7 13

Jim Carroll Band ‎– Catholic Boy Lp

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Cramps, The ‎– Stay Sick! Lp

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Coffinshakers / The Archers ‎– The Coffinshakers / The Archers 7''

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