Henry Fiat's Open Sore – Mondo Blotto | cd

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Henry Fiat's Open Sore is a Stockholm, Sweden based punk rock band founded in 1997.

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Artikkelnummer: 1882
Label -Alleycat Records – ALC012
Format  -Cd
Released -2008
Style -Garagerock, punk
Country -Sweden

1 The Knuckledraggin Neanderthal In Me2:03
2 I Rock1:47
3 Quality Time With Dad1:58
4 Keep Your Unit Trim0:51
5 Ask Me (I Know Everything)2:22
6Faster Phil Spector, Kill! Kill!1:25
7Fake I.D.1:28
83rd Finger1:32
9No Empathy1:23
10Death To False Mongos2:02
11From Now On I'm Gonna Think About Me1:43
13Me Tarzan, You Korak1:45
14I Demand A Refund2:12
15Intelligent Design1:47
16I Love My Voice1:33
17Manual Labour - Minimal Wage1:52
18Bag In Box1:34
19P.S. Send More Ammo2:07
20Mondo Blotto0:52