Gun Club, The - Preaching The Blues (7x7”)

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Artikkelnummer: 1799
Leverandør: Border
Label - 
Format  -7'' x 7
Released -2022
Style -Alternative Rock, Blues Rock, Folk Rock, Country Rock
Country -Us

Limited deluxe 7 x 7” singles box set featuring the
phenomenal original run of singles with two bonus
singles exclusive to this set. All housed inside a
lift-off lid box with a booklet featuring an essay by
Clinton Heylin, reminisces from Thurston Moore,
Henry Rollins, Mark Lanegan, X and Dan Stuart, rare
photographs and flyers, new exclusive issue of the
‘Fire of Love’ fanzine, Ruby Records postcard and a
‘Gun’ button badge. Limited availability.
If ever there was a band seemingly determined to
come from nowhere and go straight back there, it
was The Gun Club. Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s search and
destroy combo was spawned by the L.A. punk scene
in 1979. Two years later their first LP, the incendiary
Fire Of Love, was spewed out by Slash Records, a
matter of months after the punk zine Pierce wrote for,
and the label named itself after, breathed its last. Fire
Of Love was one of the 80s’ genuinely shape-shifting
US debuts, igniting post-punk depth and minting
genres including blues, psychobilly and Americana.