Hellacopters, The - Grande Rock Revisited - LTD | 2Lp

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Release 16.02.24, dobbel farget vinyl

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Artikkelnummer: 3477
Label -4065629703615
Format  -2 LP, LTD, FARGET
Released -2024
Style -Action rock, hardrock
Country -Sweden

On February 16th, 2024 they will now release not one, but two stunning versions of their classic “Grande Rock” album. Entitled “Grande Rock Revisited” it has been remastered by Henke Jonsson, and furthermore has been completely remixed by Michael Ilbert at Hansa Studios, Berlin using the original multi-track tapes and reanimated with a whole lot of additional layers of rock!

The result presents how the record could have sounded in a parallel universe with Dregen being in the band at the time, and with a more balanced mix, something the band had been pondering about for quite a while. “We all love loud guitars”, Nicke explains, “but not at the expense of drums and bass, which is pretty much the gist of the original mix.


1. Action De Grâce Remastered
2. Alright Already Now Remastered
3. Move Right Out Of Here Remastered
4. Welcome To Hell Remastered
5. The Electric Index Eel Remastered
6. Paul Stanley Remastered
7. Angel Dust Venom Cover Remastered
8. The Devil Stole The Beat From The L
9. Dogday Mornings Remastered
10. Venus In Force Remastered
11. 5 Vs. 7 Remastered
12. Lonely Remastered
13. Renvoyer Remastered
14. Action De Grâce Revisited
15. Alright Already Now Revisited
16. Move Right Out Of Here Revisited
17. Welcome To Hell Revisited
18. The Electric Index Eel Revisited
19. Paul Stanley Revisited
20. The Devil Stole The Beat From The L
21. Dogday Mornings Revisited
22. Venus In Force Revisited
23. 5 Vs. 7 Revisited
24. Lonely Revisited
25. Renvoyer Revisited