Toy Dolls - Fat Bob's Feet - Limited Digipack Edition Cd

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Artikkelnummer: 1382
Label /Label nr   -
Format   -Cd
Utgitt/Repress   -2016
Land   -Uk
Sjanger   -Punk


Gloomy Intro / Toy Doll Tonic
Fat Bob's Feet
We Quit The Cavalry
The Sphinx Stinks
Rodney's Memory
Olga Crack Corn
Bitten By A Bed Bug!
Kids In Tyne & Wear
Frankie's Got The Blues
A Bunch O'Fairies
Yellow Burt
Back In '79
The Coppers Copt Kens' Cash!
Toy Doll Tonic / Gloomy Outro
Turtle Crazy
Turtle Crazy (Singalong Mix)