Dover – Devil Came To Me | Lp

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For friends of Bambix, Tilt, Distillers or The Gits

I lager
Artikkelnummer: 1886
Label - 
Format  -Vinyl lp
Released -2022 REPRESS
Style -Rock,punk
Country -Spain

Dover from Madrid were active from 1995 to 2006. Starting as a small indie band, they became famous
with the second album "Devil came to me", sold more than 400.000 units in Spain and came into
international focus. After this album Dover got a major label-deal, played big festivals, toured around the
world and later did a break by performing as electro-dance-project.
This album is a firework of hits. The sisters Christina and Amparo Llanos (vocals/guitar and guitar) pull it
all off, creating their very own mixture of melodic punk rock, classic grunge, alternative rock, pop and an
insane sense of hits and melodies.
"Devil came to me", "Loli Jackson", "Rain of times", "Serenade", "Winter Song", basically every song here
is good for a single release. From hypereuphoric to deadly sad, everything carried by the unique voice "between cranberries
and Life but how to live it", as German Visions magazine wrote this time.
For friends of Bambix, Tilt, Distillers or The Gits and for everyone who can think just a little bit beyond the own nose. "Devil
came to me" was released in Spain via Subterfuge Records and was distributed almost there. Now licensed for the rest of
Europe for the first time ever. Comes as vinyl with slightly modified artwork and textinlay


Devil Came To Me
Loli Jackson
Winter Song
La Monja Mellada
Rain Of The Times
Sick Girl