Backyard Babies - Sliver And Gold Lp

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Vinyl, LP, Album, Gold, 180g CD, Album All Media, Deluxe Edition

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Artikkelnummer: 677
Label -Century Media
Format  -Lp , gold, cd
Released -2019
Style -Rock n roll, Hardrock, glamrock
Country -Sweden


A1Good Morning Midnight
A2Simple Being Sold
A3Shovin' Rocks
A4Ragged Flag
A5Yes To All No
B1Bad Seeds
B244 Undead
B3Sliver & Gold
B4Day Late In My Dollar Shorts
B5Laugh Now Cry Later
CD-1Good Morning Midnight
CD-2Simple Being Sold
CD-3Shovin' Rocks
CD-4Ragged Flag
CD-5Yes To All No
CD-6Bad Seeds
CD-744 Undead
CD-8Sliver & Gold
CD-9Day Late In My Dollar Shorts
CD-10Laugh Now Cry Later
CD-11Thirt3en Or Nothing (Acoustic - Live In Studio)
CD-12A Song For The Outcast (Acoustic - Live In Studio)
CD-13Highlights (Acoustic - Live In Studio)
CD-14Star War (Acoustic - Live In Studio)
CD-15Nomadic (Acoustic - Live In Studio)