A-Bones, The - The life of riley | lp

  • 299 kr

"Full blown 50's garage crank filled with more surf than Maui in December, more alligator skin than the finest luggage and more kick than a donkey in heat...

I lager
Artikkelnummer: 1878
Label -NR219
Format  -Lp
Released -
Style -Rock, Garage
Country -Us

A full 15-tracker from East Coast faves the A-Bones! From grinders to jungle antics, this platter delivers the grease pit wail that all discerning Norton noodnicks demand and defend!

That Jim / My Dawgy Heap / Satellite Dish / Sham Rock / Time Machine / The Bee / Monkey's Uncle / Rough Cut / She's Gotta Be Boss / Jugue / El Kabong / Button Nose / I've Fallen & I Can't Get Up / Go Betty Go / Go Go Go For Louie's Place