Dream Boogie ‎– Sorry To Disappoint All Music Lovers Lp

  • 249 kr

Brilliant mix av Violent femmes og Reigning Sound

Tilfeldig slutt.

Artikkelnummer: 798
Leverandør: SOS
Label -SoS 188 03/19
Format  -Lp
Released -2019
Style -Punk, Garage, rock, pop
Country -Sweden


2.At The Heart Of Seoul
3.A Boy Can Dream
4.Surf Green
Backing Vocals – Katthem
5.Television Will not been revolutionized
6.A Letter To The King
Electric Guitar – Hans Rohdin
7.Will There Ever Be A Rainbow?
8.Good Boys Don't Stop The Music
9.Shanghai Nights
10.The Right Way, The Wrong Way, And The Way We Do It
11.Shuffle Bop
12.Where I Turn

It's always fascinating to see what great pop songs can hide in the garb of garagepunk. Dream Boogie, with their singalong-garage-pop-punk-powerpop simply manage that. After two seconds your first leg starts moving, after three and a half second the other leg is moving and after five seconds you’ll find yourself dancing in your room or optionally at the headphone station of the preferred record store. You can call it magic what this foursome Gothenburg based band is doing or just be delighted to be talking about all those little pearls that lays between the pop of M.O.T.O. to the sunshine psychedelic of The Black Lips. All this hides on their debut album and you’ll not get bored even when you’ve flipped the record for the hundredth time on the turntable. I would say "Sorry to disappoint all music lovers" saves every party. So now, go back to your system and turn the music up, even louder this time