The stunning, self titled debut album from Swedish singer/songwriter John R. Kjellström is a dark, gloomy and beautiful

piece of melancholy. Recorded by Halden’s six-string genius Freddy Holm, who also plays the majority of the instruments,

this is the perfect album for those dark and rainy Autumn evenings

A songwriter since the age of five, Kjellström grew up in a very musical family, surrounded by rock and country records.

A keen hip hop kid, who got turned onto punk via skateboarding – and then metal, garage rock and dark americana and


This debut album has been recorded with producer and multi-instrumentalist Freddy Holm, dubbed “Norway’s greatest

musician” by record mogul Christer Falck. Holm is known for playing with Luke Elliot, Tove Bøygard, Åse Kleveland, Iain

Matthews + + +, and is a magician on almost any instrument.

This is heavy melancholy, the way only the Swedish know how to do.

• For fans of Woven Hand/16 Horsepower, The Gun Club, Nick Cave and dark americana

• Limited edition LP on 180g white vinyl

• Produced by Freddy Holm (The Salmon Smokers, Luke Elliot, Åse Kleveland, etc)

John R. Kjellström - John R. Kjellström Cd John R. Kjellström - John R. Kjellström Cd
John R. Kjellström - John R. Kjellström Lp John R. Kjellström - John R. Kjellström Lp